Pricing and Terms

Pricing and Terms

By using our services you agree to any terms laid out on this page. Any situation or term not covered on this page is to be handled on a case by case basis to the extent allowable by Georgia state law.


Below is a simple table of prices for some of our services. We charge based off of hours required to complete any given job. Most repairs require 1-3 hours, most onsite issues are resolved in 1-2 hours after travel. All services are subject to additional charges for parts which themselves are subject to sales tax.

For in-store services, payment of a diagnostic fee is required at drop-off. All computers are subject to this fee regardless of if the issue is known to the customer or not as there is still significant time involved in the verification of the issue. Payment for parts and labor is required at pick-up. Select cases may require parts payment earlier. We charge a variable rate fee on credit card transactions depending on the type of transaction (card present, number entry, online.)

See below the table for more details and terms.

Credit Card Fee3-5%
Short Diagnostic Fee$25
Long Diagnostic Fee$45
Residential Call-Out Fee$35
Early Withdrawal Fee$35
Holding Fee (7+ Days)$45
In-Office Rate$45/hr
Residential Onsite Rate$55/hr
Business Rate Class 1$65/hr
Business Rate Class 2$85/hr
Business Rate Class 3$100/hr
Business Mileage$2.50/mi

Appointments and Service Availability

We are moving to an appointment only model for our services meaning you will need to call, text, email, or book online to guarantee service. Onsite services can only be booked via call, text, or email and not by the self service system so we can verify availability to your location.

In store appointments must be made at least 1 hour in advance and onsite appointments require 2 hours notice in Toccoa, GA city limits and a full day notice anywhere else.

We offer what we call “hard” and “soft” appointments for different purposes. A computer diagnosis or repair is what we would refer to as a hard appointment. These have a set time and are guaranteed. The inverse is soft appointments which are general time-frames between hard appointments. These can be useful for small things such as purchasing cables or adapters, they come with no set time or guarantee of service.

Additionally, for diagnosis we offer long and short services. A short diagnosis requires the customer stay present and can take a maximum of 15 minutes. A long diagnosis is required for more complex problems or cases where the customer cannot remain in the store for the duration. Long diagnosis can take 24-72 hours and the customer will be contacted via call, text, or email depending on preference.

After drop-off there are absolutely no guarantees for how long the repair will take and any figures are to be taken as only estimates. Business customers can expect a reasonable guarantee but only if they are explicitly onboarded and charged as a business customer.


The diagnostic fee is required for acceptance of new computers into our office. This covers work required to pin down exactly what steps need to be taken for a successful repair. We will supply you with a complete quote (accurate to within 10%) after diagnosis is complete.

An early withdrawal fee is required to pick up any devices before diagnosis is complete. If the computer is requested back in an unusable or different state than when dropped off, the customer will be required to sign certifying they understand it is incomplete along with paying this fee. A holding fee is required to release a device if the customer makes no attempt to pickup their device after 7 business days or misses 2 or more pickup appointments after completion. You may be subject to other charges if you have an outstanding balance.

All fees are nonrefundable and do not contribute to your overall repair or purchase.

Equipment Warranty

Labor charges are always nonrefundable. Parts/equipment purchases can be returned within 14 days for a full refund. Returned parts that are already installed in customer computers may be subject to un-installation penalties to cover the time required to remove the specific returned part.

For equipment purchases, you are entitled to free labor and 10% off of parts required for any future repairs until the total cost of parts exceeds the initial purchase price. After which your equipment will be considered “totaled” and future repairs are at your discretion and cost.

If a service call to your home is required, a flat $35 call out fee is required and labor is 50% off. You receive the same 10% off parts.

For standard in-office repair services, you receive free labor and parts for 7 days to ensure the resolution of the problem if it persists. You must restart the process at the diagnosis for faults that occur after 7 days.

Residential Onsite Charges, Fees, and Payment

Residential onsite services are subject to a $35 call-out fee. The time charged is calculated from when we leave our office to when the job is complete. However, we impose a one hour minimum per visit meaning the minimum charge for any visit is $90.

Payment is accepted by cash or card, checks are not accepted and technicians do not carry change.

Business Service Charges, Fees, Payment, and Process

Business service hours are calculated from the time we leave our office to the time we arrive back at our office. This rate is inclusive of a single technician and may increase if help is needed. In the case of remote services, the rate is the same and time is calculated based off of involvement with end users or infrastructure.

Payments are accepted by check and invoiced every Thursday afternoon for any visits/support in the business week. The billing cycle can be altered for your fiscal needs.

Your business rate is decided by an initial consultation visit. Small retail locations typically fall into Class 1, medium manufacturing facilities and warehouses, medium retail locations, small event venues or lodging facilities typically fall into Class 2. Educational campuses, large manufacturing facilities and warehouses, large retail locations, or medium to large lodging facilities typically fall into Class 3. The final decided rate is 100% dependent on the complexity of your network or computing systems. Consultation is subject to a 1 hour charge of the decided rate if we come to an agreement, none if we do not.

Business services to customers located outside of Toccoa, GA city limits are subject to a variable rate mileage surcharge. This rate changes depending on gas prices within Toccoa, GA. This distance is calculated based off GPS data for the actual path taken to reach you on any given day. Mileage for all days is added together on your invoice.

Additional business terms such as procurement of parts, exclusivity, level of involvement, service level agreement, etc are negotiated on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more details.